mama coaching

Your story is important.
Your desires, dreams, questions or concerns are important.
You are important. And you matter.

We are moms

Each of us is unique and each of us see ourselves and the world around us in our own unique way. But we all have one thing in common - we are moms! Quite often we deal with similar topics ;) For over two years I have coached moms with various life challenges. They ask themselves who are they apart from being a "mom", they deal with insecurity from losing or changing jobs, they try to navigate new and lost friendships and relationships, worry about their expectations or the expectations of those around them. They are considerate about relationships with their partner, children; they start their own new business... there's a lot (sometimes too much ;)) that we want to talk about as moms. Coaching can help mothers get to know themselves a little more and maybe find the answers to some of their questions.

HOW can i find time for myself?
should i go back to work?
How can i stay firm in face of pressure of family or society?

Mama coaching

Coaching is a confidential conversation in which we explore your journey towards your goal.

We will look for ways to achieve what you want.

In search of an answer or solution, coaching can help you to look at things differently.

The role of a coach is to be your partner in the conversation, to listen, to notice, to give feedback but also to challenge you.

The focus will be to support you to explore your own resources, uncovering limiting believes, finding your direction or discovering the meaning of your actions or decisions.

About me

I'm like you - I'm a mom to two little boys. And since the moment I became a mom I was inspired to start looking for answers to the questions that I have always been interested in - who I really am, what are my strengths, how I make decisions, what I can or cannot influence and where am I heading. All of these questions give me every day motivation to stay curious, to try new adventures, to learn, to do what I do, to fail and try again. All these questions led me to coaching.

My professional life started in an international corporation and progressed to marketing and internal communication. Then I left for maternity leave, received a state accredited degree in bakery, established and run my own business in the field of eco-products. But in the end I decided to fulfill my long-standing dream - to learn something more about the fascinating human psyche. After almost two years of work and study at The International Center of Business Coaching, I received accreditation (ACC) from the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and started my own coaching practice in the Family Center in Petrzalka. I am currently working in the beautiful premises of Anima Mundi, where I coach mainly women and mothers and continue my journey to coaching accreditation at PCC level.

In 2023 I was excited to start work with moms in the Maternity Center Budatko in Petrzalka where I meet every week with wonderful moms.

Where can you find me

You can currently find me in my office Karpatska 9 in Bratislava on Thursdays


in the Maternity Center Budatko in Petrzalka.

If you are interested to see me in the maternity center you can register via their reservation system Semafor.

Otherwise please contact me via phone or email listed bellow.